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Take a listen to this while you read :).

The soundtrack of your life
The rhythm that keeps you breathing
Your heart beat.
We all have one.
It’s one of the things that make us all the same.
But what do you do when the beats of your drum
are torn between the songs of thousands
and the song of your soul?
Put your hand in mine.

A grandma's hand in mine (actually in my brother's).

There are 6.9 billion people on this earth.
6.9 billion pairs of eyes
6.9 billion heartbeats
and an infinity of decisions.
Just hopped on a bandwagon?
Question it.
Just created a hip beat?
Question it.
Ran ahead without stopping?
Question it.
Question everything because the world is a sea of heart beats
tugging and pulling at you telling you to join in
and create either catchy verses or syncopated harmonies.
Currents will try to carry you off
but don’t let it merely pull you.
Decide to swim along with it
or swim the other way
using your gut as your propeller.
To tired of drumming
or swimming against the tide?
With your hand in mine I will lift you from this strife.
But latch your fingers only if you care,
for this song isn’t for me.
It’s for your heart, your prayer.
Birds of a feather flock together
in this world where we’re all different, together.
So put your hand in mine
because alone you can fly
but together we can soar.
Soar above the trees and through the clouds
never looking back and never looking down
making loop-de-loops and drawing fantasies in the clear blue skies
But if not, that’s okay
I’ll be waving to you from the shorelines
singing you songs of sweet victory
confident that your decision can move mountains
Just promise me this:
Swim as far as you can
with your life’s song beating loudly
spelling out confidence
saying, “Hey! I’m swimming for you.”
Make sure that once you arrive
you shake the hand of every smiling heart
telling them of your journey
telling them that you swam for the right reasons
that you swam because the rhythm told you to
Promise me that when all the other hearts fade
you’ll look across the ocean towards the horizon
knowing that I’m on that shoreline hundreds of miles away
still singing that lullaby.
And promise me you’ll come back
and bring me my heartbeat when you do.