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Texting and internet chatting has become somewhat of an addiction these days. But oddly enough, the bug hasn’t really bitten me yet. And although I’m not much of a texter, I find great amusement in watching a conversation unfold on digital screen for pretty much one reason: text lingo.

I sometimes wonder about whether phone makers ever take a person's thumb size into consideration.

LOL, GTFO, OMG… Only a few capitalized letters long but these little buggers are how the people of my generation show the most profound emotion. Whether you are someone who does not understand this strange language or if you are someone like me who would rather carry on conversations as if you were in Hamlet, keep on reading to see text lingo decoded into words fit for Mr. Shakespeare himself.

  • LOL

I am guffawing with such piercing sound!!

  • TMI
I apologize, but that was quite a lot of knowledge you are outputting.
  • ASL

Excuse me, may I inquire your age? As well as your gender and where you are residing?

  • GTFO
I must ask you to promptly leave the premises.
  • OMG
By Jove!
I hope you enjoyed that :). For those that want even more sophisticated sounding language (or if you just want to laugh), check this out: