Oh. Don’t you hate placeholders? I know I do.

And yet here we are with the very thing I dread: a filler post. I’m not gonna lie to you, this post is sort of me freaking out because I haven’t had the decency (and, frankly, resources) to put out some good schtuff. Yes. I’m terribly sorry.

I have been late with song of the week (already), and I promise there is a good reason for that. With moving, settling in, and school starting, there’s quite a lot to be done. Plus, I don’t have a computer set up right now! Oops. So I’m typing this post on the WordPress iPad app, which has fairly limited features, hence me not writing anything worth reading.

Basically this is an apology. I hope those who read this have enjoyed what I have written so far! Thank you for that. On the other hand, I must warn that posts will not be as frequent for the next couple weeks. But once everything is settled and once I’m free enough to sit on my couch with a custard-filled chocolate donut and contemplate life, I promise there will be more writing.

I wish you all the comfort in the world plus a 25th hour,