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When I think of home, I think of coziness. Or just feeling so content with simply sitting on the couch with a cuppa tea. In short, when I think of home, I think of pure joy and elation.

Ahh... The infamous little yellow house. The epitome of "cozy".

So, before you go on with this post, open up YouTube in a different tab or window and crank these tunes for the ultimate toe-tapping homey reading experience :).

Home has always been a special topic to me. It’s a refuge, a place where you should feel the most comfortable. So it’s fitting that your home should make you feel safe and loved. Most of all, your home should be the one of the best representations of “you”!

Here are some homey-feeling rooms that I think are utterly amazing:

(Source: Miss Design)

Ooo… A fire sounds nice…

(Source: Miss Design)

I absolutely LOVE the cozy book shelves in this photo.

Cathy Carr, APLD eclectic porch
I am already imagining myself sitting on the porch with a nice cuppa cocoa and a good book…
Happy toe-tapping!