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Have you ever seen a video, painting, photo, or piece of writing and just thought, “Oh my goodness… Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh that is so amazing”?

Yes. All the time. All. the. freaking. time.

We are so lucky to live in a generation that has one of the most powerful tools ever: the world wide web. Because of the Internet, us dreamers have a multitude of creativity at our disposal. Thank God for the Internet and the community of people that is here to create and share. It really is a beautiful thing.

One of the places that provides beautiful pieces of work is Youtube. Yes, Youtube. Among hilarious videos of demon babies and piano-playing cats are amazing works of art. Here are a few that got me through the week.

SHELL by Wong Fu Productions

I’ve been a long-time fan of Wong Fu. Their beautiful and heartfelt videos are just as amazing as their funny ones. Shell, in particular, is so touching in a way that is indescribable.

How to Be Alone by Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis

You might have already seen this, but it is worth mentioning for obvious reasons. “How to Be Alone” is jam packed with beautiful words and imagery that it’s pretty hard to not feel all fuzzy after watching it.

99 Balloons

Oh my goodness. I cried so much after watching this video. Watch it. I bet you will too.

Leave Me

It is pieces of art like this that make me feel so inspired and high on life. This is another beautiful story (that I also cried at the end of).

Happy watching,