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I think it is a work of fate when I come across something that seems like it was made just for me at just this time. Does that ever happen to you?

I just came across this poem and I think it is beautiful. It is written by the ingenious e.e. Cummings, one of my favorite poets because of his unique formats and vocal writing. His poems seem to just speak to you and only you. That is especially true for this little masterpiece:

You Are Tired (I Think) by e.e. Cummings

You are tired,
(I think)
Of the always puzzle of living and doing;
And so am I.

Come with me, then,
And we’ll leave it far and far away—
(Only you and I, understand!)

You have played,
(I think)
And broke the toys you were fondest of,
And are a little tired now;
Tired of things that break, and—
Just tired.
So am I.

But I come with a dream in my eyes tonight,
And knock with a rose at the hopeless gate of your heart—
Open to me!
For I will show you the places Nobody knows,
And, if you like,
The perfect places of Sleep.

Ah, come with me!
I’ll blow you that wonderful bubble, the moon,
That floats forever and a day;
I’ll sing you the jacinth song
Of the probable stars;
I will attempt the unstartled steppes of dream,
Until I find the Only Flower,
Which shall keep (I think) your little heart
While the moon comes out of the sea.

Ah, pure beauty I tell you, pure beauty.

Hearts, hugs, and dreamful sleep,