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Rain! Today was the first day I have seen rain in about four months, and lemme tell you, it is glorious! It totally gets me in the mood for fuzzy sweaters, hot cocoa, and (most of all) Christmas! Unfortunately, it doesn’t snow where I live, but that’s okay :). Rain is beautiful.

I know a lot of people get stumped when they try to think of what to do on a rainy day. But I like to see it as a creative challenge. So, here are some ideas to help some of ya’ll.

  • Listen to a Rainy Playlist!

For some reason, music always sounds one million times better when it is paired with the pitter-patter of rain drops falling on the roof. Here are some songs I like to listen to in these occasions:

  1. Turn to Stone by Ingrid Michaelson
  2. River Flows in You by Yiruma
  3. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low
  4. Your Guardian Angel (Cover) by Vitamin String Quartet
  5. Signs by Bloc Party

Not raining at the moment? That’s okay, cuz we have the powah of the Internet!! Just turn on Rainy Mood and you are set to go :).

  • Sing in the rain!

This doesn’t even need an explanation. Singing in the rain is a staple when it comes to rain-related activities. I mean if Gene Kelly did it, we have to do it (because he is that epicly awesome)!

  • Write!

For blog writers, poets, songwriters, and dreamers alike, writing to the soundtrack of rain is one of the rare simple pleasures of life. It’s just you, your words, and nature. So much inspiration is at your fingertips! How do you feel when it rains? Does rain spur any memories?

  • Make a plastic fort!

When I was younger, I absolutely LOVED making forts. Pillows, chairs, tree branches; you name it, I probably built it. One of the coolest fort ideas is building one out in the rain. Get a couple of chairs, drape some heavy-duty plastic over the top and voilà! You are done! Now climb in and marvel at the cool patterns the raindrops make. Get some food and a couple of blankets and you have a perfect hideout (except for the fact that it is see through…)!

  • Take a nap!

Rainy days are all about letting go and just sitting in wonder. While doing muscle relaxations in dance class, our dance teacher told us how painful it was for her to see how hard it was for us dancers to relax. I think that–especially with today’s modern society of “go go go”–is true for all of us. Rain is the perfect relaxer. Focus on the sound, on the smell of wet pavement, on how simple it all is and let… go…

Hopefully your rainy day isn’t a gloomy one!

Hugs and rain boots,