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Writer’s block. Yeah, you know what I mean. Writer’s block is probably one of the things that annoys me the most, which sorta sucks because it tends to pop into my life a heck of a lot.

Like now…

But the best part of writer’s block is conquering it, arresting it for its heinous crime of suppressing creativity, and then locking it in a cage so it can stay there (until it becomes smart enough to pick the darn lock).

So what do you do? Write about it.



There it is.

Walls, gates, iron-wrought bars; they’re all the same. they’re all the same.

When words slam you like five-pound bricks, you damn well feel it.

When bricks slam into you like five-pound words, you fall with them

and then suddenly collapsing houses don’t feel so liberating.

It’s nice to see you again, brick wall, my dear friend.

It’s been a (not so) long time. Trust me, you haven’t been missed…

No offense.

Maybe, just maybe, this time I’ll enjoy the fall

instead of going down kicking and screaming.

Because no one likes a fighter…

except for those who have something worth fighting for.

And guess what, dear bricks

I’m fighting for something worth a lifetime more than your stupid mortar.

So don’t expect me to stop in front of your rock hard façade

because I know how delicate you are.

Delicate, a wall made of feathers wearing armor.

I will blow you into the wind

I will tip you into oblivion

I will sing you jigs and lullabies

and fight fire with fire.

So next time we meet, dear friend,

I’ll be ready

with thoughts as my shield

music as my poison

and words as my bullets.

Until next time,