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I think it’s safe to say that bloggers are kinda selfish. Yeah, let’s just get that out on the table. But I don’t mean selfish in a bad way. We write about ourselves–our joys, our frustrations, our masterpieces, and our failures–in hope that some other lost and confused soul will read it and sympathize with us and say, “Whoa, hey. I’m going through that, too! It’s nice to know I ain’t the only one…” We’re all just lost little kids roaming through this sea of fuzziness called life, right?

Bloggers have saved me. I’ve come across beautiful people who are just as confused as I am but are embracing it and living life with such amazing bravery. That is the true art of carpe diem-ing my friends.

I am a daughter of Christ. I believe in God and I love Him more than anything else in the world. But even though I have grown up with Him and known about Him, it wasn’t until very recently (ahem… a few days ago) that I finally started to really see Him. This isn’t to say that I’ve completely figured God out. I don’t think anyone has and I don’t think I ever will. But man, if I feel this way while just discovering Him, imagine how I’ll feel as I grow to know Him!

But the point of this post is not to evangelize. Through God and a multitude of wise people (like this guy and these awesome people) I’ve figured out a piece of my life, small as it is, but a piece all the same. I’ve learned that my life is a seed, and despite reality, despite my adequacy, despite the “can’ts”; I, in fact, can. And if I can, you sure as hell can too. 

Have you heard of Markus Zusak? He is a phenomenal writer as epitomized in two of his books, The Book Thief and I Am the Messenger. The latter of these books is one I HIGHLY recommend. It’s perfect for the times when we feel like we can’t, and it’s a perfect example of how huge something seemingly small can be.

I aspire to make music that will inspire people. It’s a big dream, and it’s one that brings up a lot of doubt in my mind. But I have strength because of people like you who have done so much for me and so many others, and you may not even realize it. Everything you write, every word you produce is a part of yourself you share with the world. By writing, you are saying, “Hey. I’m not perfect. But let’s do this together.” And it takes a butt load of courage to do that, my friend.

Strength to you,