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I want the curiosity of a child
the endless opportunities to speak up
until the world tells you to be quiet
I want the open eyes
until you grow to learn to look with your judgment

You don’t know the beauty
of the twinkle in your soul-windows
when someone finally decides to listen

it pains me
and I’m sorry we don’t listen as much as we should
you see, when the rest of the world grew up
our eyes remained open
but our wonder became blind

the world will discourage you
don’t you dare let them
because the way your eyes shine
is the way you reach into the dead wonder
of a grown up vision
and say “wake up”

but you, you with the curiosity of a child
the heart of a whale
and the mind of a minstrel
I know you will keep your eyes open
even when the people around you can’t

you’re beautiful
and I pray you’ll believe it