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Wow. It’s finally (semi)done! This song has been sitting in my files–unfinished–for months, screaming “Trish! Finish me! I have the potential of being awesome! Only if you will break down your wall of non-creativity and finish me!”

So went to work I did. I played with harmonies and lyrics, finally settling on a nice yet simple chorus. Then… my microphone starts malfunctioning. Poop. I just couldn’t put out a song with nice sounding verses and then fuzzy choruses. So here is a shortened version of “Secret Garden”. Despite the hurdles, I’m quite proud of it. Enjoi :).

Don’t shatter it my love
it’s too early to break
and when the going gets tough
we can all just float away
to our secret hiding place 

when no one knows your name
and all the doors are closed
and the shadows run away
to the place that we love most
where there’s no such thing as ghosts

making friends out of midnight shadows
and the crows sing us sound, sound to sleep
and your hand no longer trembles
now that you’re here with me
in our secret harmony

keep on singing my love
it will be over soon
and when everything begins
don’t forget the truth
don’t forget the truth