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Imagine this: you are in the place and/or situation of your wildest dreams. Never in your life have you felt such happiness. Nothing–and I mean nothing–can possibly taint your euphoria now! Except that nagging voice in the back of your mind saying that it will inevitably end soon. As the cliché states, “time flies when your having fun”. And like hell it does. You wake up. It’s over. You sit in silence, at war with yourself because you don’t know whether to “smile because it happened or cry because it’s over”.

That’s what I think Towers by Bon Iver encapsulates, gut-wrenching heartbreak reminiscent of the complete infinity you once found yourself in.

Man, that’s freaking depressing.

But if you have some twisted mind like I do, you’ll find that it’s also strangely beautiful.

I believe that life is meant to be a roller coaster, with all the twists and turns and stomach-dropping free falls. There are things in our path to look forward to, whether they be that movie you’re going to see on Saturday or dream to find the cure to cancer. They are, for me, life’s driving force.

It’s just the waiting in-between those drops that sometimes sucks donkey butt.

Hugs, mugs, and lightning bugs,