Song of the Fortnight: “Open the roof and take in the view, because you’re my sweetest dream come true…”


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Woo! Welcome to Song of the Fortnight! Given my tendency to put a song out every two weeks rather than weekly, I felt that a name change was needed. Plus, it sounds cooler…

Today I’ve chosen one of my favorite songs ever, Youtopia by Armin Van Buuren and Adam Young, a song I affectionately refer to as “The Fist-Pumpy Song”.

But other than it having a ridiculously infectious beat, the lyrics are simply beautiful.   Here’s a little snippet that I find especially…well, cute:

hold out your hands
and you can go anywhere
just reach for the stars
and I’ll be waiting up there

This song is a simple tale of love, a cute and squishy sentiment that totally appeals to my inner romantic.

Have fun everyone 🙂



Song of the Fortnight: “When the onus is not all your own; when you’re up for it before you’re grown.”


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Imagine this: you are in the place and/or situation of your wildest dreams. Never in your life have you felt such happiness. Nothing–and I mean nothing–can possibly taint your euphoria now! Except that nagging voice in the back of your mind saying that it will inevitably end soon. As the cliché states, “time flies when your having fun”. And like hell it does. You wake up. It’s over. You sit in silence, at war with yourself because you don’t know whether to “smile because it happened or cry because it’s over”.

That’s what I think Towers by Bon Iver encapsulates, gut-wrenching heartbreak reminiscent of the complete infinity you once found yourself in.

Man, that’s freaking depressing.

But if you have some twisted mind like I do, you’ll find that it’s also strangely beautiful.

I believe that life is meant to be a roller coaster, with all the twists and turns and stomach-dropping free falls. There are things in our path to look forward to, whether they be that movie you’re going to see on Saturday or dream to find the cure to cancer. They are, for me, life’s driving force.

It’s just the waiting in-between those drops that sometimes sucks donkey butt.

Hugs, mugs, and lightning bugs,



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What is love?
Is it want? Is it blind?
Is it fiction of one’s mind?

Clueless, no wonder. Desperation takes over.
Want fills the heart and turns the bright blue sky red.
Bare feet are raw from walking too long
Down a road that was long gone and dead.

But fear it not, for ahead lays the Truth.
This road of blood and tears leads not to him, but to You.
Is this it? What I need?
This is where my heart takes heed.

Now tell, what is love?
Is it truth, not blind?
My heart tells me love is Undefined.

Song of the Week: “It’s too cold outside for angels to fly.”


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There are three things that a band or artist can do to earn my utmost respect and awe:

  1. Produce inventive and beautiful music (this is kind of a given)
  2. Write poetic, story-telling lyrics
  3. Perform perfectly live

Ed Sheeran checks off all three of these in a breeze. God, I love Ed Sheeran.

This week’s video is a live version of A Team, a really beautiful and heartbreaking song. I tend to think of songs as little pieces of literature, over-thought metaphors and all. But this song, as well as Sheeran’s others, remind me just how beautiful music can get.

Have a great week everyone!

Song of the Week: “The winding roads that led me here burn like coal and dry like tears.”


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My goodness. It’s been a while since the last Song of the Week… Anywho, let’s get into it :).

I cannot fully express to you how much I love the Civil Wars. Joy and John’s voices make me want to cry! If I had the chance to pick who would sing me off to the afterlife, these two would be my top choice.

This song is my favorite of theirs, and it’s called My Father’s Father. Like lots of my favorite songs, it tells a story. Frankly, that’s what I love about all of the Civil Wars’ songs: they all tell a beautiful narrative.

Wishing you a great week,



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Hello everyone!

I realize I have been incredibly ungrateful lately. I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone who follows, reads, or stumbles upon my blog. Your words, views, and comments mean so much to me.

The blogging community never fails to amaze me. We got some pretty darn special people writing their hearts out on this here Internet. Thanks to you. You bless us with your words.

Now for a bit of an apology… The lack of posts I put out is really bothering me. I apologize (as I have before, though it will never be enough) for not publishing as much as I said I would. Darn you, Trish! Though my posts tend to be few and far between, I promise I’m working reeeeaaaaallllly hard on them… Well, at least I try.

Have an amazing day everyone, and thanks again!

Books That Changed My Life


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As the school year nears its end, the whispers of summer get louder and louder in my always-listening ear. Do you know what summer means? Free time, is what it means! And what does free time mean? Not swimming, not park-going, not basking in the sweet fact that I can sleep in until 2 PM…


I loooooooooooooooooove books. And I guess I can say I’ve read quite a bit of ’em (though not as much as one of my friends… She can finish two 300 page novels in a freaking day). Naturally, I’ve found what I like and don’t like. I’m actually quite picky when it comes to books. But every once in a while, I come across a book that is just so beautiful it’s life-changing, and I’m about to share those books with you!

Before we jump into it, let’s establish our rating scale. Now, all of the books I am about to mention are AMAZING, but there are different levels of amazing, right? I will rate these books on a scale of 1-10 feels.

feels noun, usually used in plural form: an immensely strong emotion caused by the pure awesomeness of a thing (often book, movie, song, etc.); the feeling that compels you to roll on the floor, make unintelligible noises, and thank a higher power for the beauty that is in a given thing

Got it? Here we go! Continue reading

Song of the Week: “We found love in a hopeless place!”


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Okay, Imma admit it. I really like Rihanna’s “We Found Love”. Like, really. Another think I love is African music. And stringed instruments.

We Found Love + African music + strings = A VERY HAPPY TRISH

This cover is done by the amazing Lindsey Stirling, who is one bad-butt violinist. Seriously. Check out her videos; she is freaking awesome and a huge inspiration for me.

Have a beautiful week lovelies.

Growing Up to Be a Fighter


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I’m incredibly blessed to have parents who bravely support all my idealistic endeavors. “Do what you love first,” they’ve always told me. “The money will follow.”

That is such an easy mantra to believe when living in the sheltered and–frankly–privileged bubble that I currently find myself in. I’ve never really experienced the humble beginnings my father and grandmother did while living in the provinces of the Philippines. Growing up, I’ve listened to all the mischievous fun my dad and my aunts and uncles got up to while living on little. In a way, I was–and still kind of am–jealous. Though I am immensely grateful for the hard work my parents have done in order to make my life as comfortable as possible, there are just some experiences material things cannot and will not ever be able to give.

“Poverty is a blessing,” my grandma once told me on one of our frequent story-telling sessions. From what I’ve heard about the life of my dad and how he is such an amazing man today, I sure as hell believe it. Now, that doesn’t mean they lived without hardships. I don’t think anyone has. But my grandma has instilled in all her children the innate quality of being grateful for everything and recognizing that often it is the little things that make the hugest impacts.

The people in my family are fighters. I like fighters. They fight for their children, for their beliefs, for themselves, and for their dreams. My grandma fought for her kids, and my parents fight for my brother and me–even when they don’t know how our fight is going to end.

It is this immense support that leads me to be highly optimistic about my future as a musician. I know it’s going to be hard, though I don’t think I’ll be able to grasp how hard it will be until I get there. And this is what scares me.

I’ve always identified myself as an idealist, as you might have read before. With that being said, I find it sort of devastating when my expectations are not met. My head tells me that I’m going to have to work my butt off to get where I want to be. And I won’t mind that at all, as long as my work is something that I love doing. But at the same time, there’s a part of me that is quietly whispering my worries of failing. Yeah, it’s whispering, but constantly. And when you’re mind is silent, you are left with nothing else to listen to but the haunting murmurs of your anxiety.

This journey of mine isn’t going to be a sleigh ride; to quote one of my favorite books of all time (The Fault In Our Stars by the wonderful and beautifully amazing John Green), “the world is not a wish-granting factory.” But it has to be worth it. I come from a lineage of fighters. I have to fight for something.

Song of the Week: “This is it boys, this is war! What are we waiting for?”


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Man. I am so bad at continuity… But here is a song that has been on repeat in my little world of “Trish” for the past week. It is Some Nights by Fun.

I absolutely LOVE songs that rally people up and call for unity. This song is definitely one of them.

Wishing you the best,

Note: Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Business has crept into my life, which has led to a shortage on writing time. More posts (and maybe even some songs) are in the works! I promise.