The Bucket List

I’ve been keeping a bucket list for a while now, and I’ve decided that I would like to share the experience (or rather the experiences) of completing a list item with friends and family, blog readers, and creepy internet stalkers alike! So here’s the list:

  1. record a song
  2. play an AMAZING show
  3. own a Taylor guitar
  4. host a foreign exchange student
  5. go to the Texas kung fu tournament and meet my Brazilian kung fu cousins
  6. go to a midnight movie premiere
  7. get a tattoo
  8. fall in love ❤
  9. be interviewed for something other than a job
  10. go zip lining in the philippines—NO OTHER PLACE WILL DO.
  11. go to Greece
  12. live in the woods
  13. own max pajamas
  14. be in a band with my buddies
  15. go camping with my cousins
  16. meet one of my musical icons
  17. visit Ireland
  18. visit Yosemite
  19. work in a soup kitchen
  20. ride a horse
  21. ice skate on a frozen lake
  22. get a steamed cheeseburger in Connecticut
  23. watch a musical with the original broadway cast
  24. be in a rock opera
  25. overcome vanity–>understand self-confidence
  26. take a psychology class
  27. own an old upright piano that plays like heaven
  28. be in the front row of a concert
  29. be an invisible children roadie
  30. write an amazing song
  31. own a lincecum jersey
  32. go busking
  33. go on an epic road trip
  34. go paint-balling in the forest
  35. go on a missionary trip
  36. stay in a beach house
  37. record a music video
  38. watch the endless summer
  39. go to the east coast
  40. attend a pride parade
  41. play at the warfield
  42. sit on the roof and look at the stars
  43. visit/play at abbey road
  44. record at M.O.M.S. (my aunt’s music studio in the Philippines)
  45. visit italy
  46. get married
  47. sing background harmonies
  48. be blob launched
  49. read the WHOLE bible
  50. walk for life
  51. ride a sailboat
  52. go jet skiing
  53. open for a band
  54. visit bus 142
  55. go to a christian service
  56. ride a REAL train (not wimpy bart)
  57. ride a moped in italy
  58. call “TRADITION!”
  59. sing in an empty stadium
  60. give out cheeseburgers to the homeless in SF
  61. be part of every 15 minutes
  62. dye my hair an outrageous color
  63. read a poem on open mic
  64. make a dress on my own.
  65. get a chance to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, even if I end up totally sucking and making Shakespeare roll in his grave
  66. visit an abandoned town/place
  67. earn my black belt in Kung Fu
  68. be part of a flash mob
  69. hug a panda
  70. Visit the Integatron
  71. chop off my hair
  72. learn to surf

percent done: 12.5%

Wish me luck!

Love, Trish

5 thoughts on “The Bucket List”

  1. What a list. Fun read. Haven’t you done No. 30 ? I’d love to play at The Warfield too. In fact, I concur with quite a few of these.

  2. love your bucket list! i have one posted on my blog too. 🙂

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