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I have the best little brother in the world! I swear on it. He’s creative, funny, energetic, and so darn cute. The capacity for creation and thought this little ten-year-old has never ever fails to surprise me. I swear, his mind is way too old for his body :).

Here is something he wrote that I think is ah-mazing:

What is your Dream?

Do you have a dream? Everyone does. Everyone around you has one. It may be to be a race car driver. It may be to be pretty. We know everyone has one, but what is a dream? A dream isn’t just something in your head that you think about. It’s something you really want to happen, something that you maybe even need. What is your dream? My dream is a perfect world. Not a world with war or riots or protests. Not a world where everyone is greedy. Not a world where criminals roam the streets. No. I want a world with peace, a world where there’s no such thing as bad news. A world with no suicide. I want people to wake up in the morning confident. Confident that they’re worth it. Confident that they’re world is cheering them on. I want this world to be nice to the environment. To plant trees and forests. To build no factories. To love.
You know, sometimes the best dream is the one that helps you help others. To help your environment. To help the world.

So, what is your dream?

Dream on!